Jenne’s Photog-Blog

November 18th, 2014

Hi! I’m Jenne, the photographer for New Mexico River Adventures. This was my second season working on the Rio Grande, and I wanted to touch on the fantastic experience I’ve had while being part of the rafting community here in Northern New Mexico. As another season draws to a close, I watch the ebb and flow of the affairs along the river.

Jenne on the job at Sous Hole Rapid

There are eight rafting companies that share the Taos Box, Upper Rio Grande Gorge, and Racecourse sections of the river. You would think that this would provide a steep environment for competition. Instead, there’s this magical phenomenon that happens… everyone bands together in an amazing demonstration of camaraderie! There’s a “ballet dance” going on along the river every day; every guide, shuttle driver, photographer, and guest has a starring role.

As a photographer, I consider myself one of the observers of the river. I’m always looking for the next great photo opportunity, and there’s never a shortage of them! We are surrounded by spectacular views, diverse wildlife, and wonderful interactions between folks that are having the time of their lives. There’s always a helping hand on the river too- if a boater or shuttle driver needs a ride back up to the put-in, they can usually hop in with another company to get there. If someone’s having a tough time on the river, knowledgeable guides are watching out, and selflessly helping them make a successful trip.

There is a tremendous sense of community on this river. I am proud to be a witness to it, and a part of it. Now that the sun is getting lower in the sky and the mornings are getting crisper, the rafting season is closing its eyes for its winter sleep. The summer fling comes to an end. Over the winter, I’ll miss all of these faces I’ve come to trust and love. I can’t wait to start my romance with the river again next spring.

Another Great Rafting Season in New Mexico Comes to an End

November 4th, 2014

Well,  it has been quite a while since we’ve posted any new news from our New Mexico River Rafting Headquarters here in Rinconada.  It has been a wild ride for us through the 2014 season.  We not only had a record number of Rafting, Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddleboarding guests run the river with us this year, but also had wonderfully consistent river flows ever throughout the entire season and even into the lower water months of August and September.

Each year has seen quite a bit of change here at New Mexico River Adventures and this year was no different.  For this last season, we added 3 more acres to our Headquarters enabling us to grow comfortably without changing the intimate check-in and out experience our guests have come to enjoy year after year.  This included a substantially larger parking area as well as updated landscaping around the Headquarters.  Of course the other area in which we are constantly improving upon is our gear.  We do pride ourselves as having the newest and most state of the art equipment in Northern New Mexico. This last year we added 8 new rafts to our fleet including a variety of small, fast and fun rafts in order to optimize the whitewater experience for everyone.

Lastly and Most Importantly.  Our guide crew this year was by far the best on the river.  With a variety of new faces joining the crew, we had a fun, hard working, professional, well trained and well rounded group of guides.  Not only are they passionate about the river, but each guide has a lot of pride in what they do and the experience they provide for each guest.  We couldn’t be more proud of the group of guides here at NMRA and know that they are the main reason for great seasons like 2014.

With much more to come for 2015, please keep in touch as we will be adding lots of new and exciting trips, itineraries and ways to enjoy the beautiful rivers and landscapes of Northern New Mexico.  As always give us a call at 505-983-7756 or e-mail us  Thanks again for being part of the NMRA Family and pray for snow!

Rivers at Risk: Rio Futaleufu

June 8th, 2014

The Rio Futaleufu is certainly one of the world’s premiere whitewater rafting rivers. It winds its way through the lush Chilean rain forest and is corralled only by sleek granite cliffs. The Futaleufu boasts one Class IV-V rapid after the other… if you’re ready for exciting whitewater, you’re ready for rafting in Chile on the Futaleufu River. Adventure travel in Patagonia has never looked and felt so good!  Your many opportunities for trips to this incredible destination with world class outfitters like Global Descents, will leave you with memories of a lifetime and certainly infect you with the whitewater Bug!  Each exhilarating day on the Futaleufu River is followed with relaxation and pampering at our luxury riverside camp and spa.  In between one adventure and another, guests can enjoy relaxing moments sitting in the hut tub enjoying the view of the majestic Futaleufu River.  These trips are certainly re-defining camping.

Unfortunately, this incredible experience might not be available for too much longer.  The Futaleufu has been under the threat of a series of dams for more than 15 years.  That was when the multinational company, Endesa, secured the water rights to the Rio Futaleufu, Rio Pascua, Rio Baker and many other native waterways in Northern and Central Patagonia.

As of September, 2013, Endesa has vowed to move forward in its plan to develop numerous hydroelectric projects in Chile, including three dams totaling 1,367 megawatts on the Rio Futaleufu.  Engineering studies for what would become the second largest hydroelectric project in the Patagonia region are currently in the conceptual design phase.  Don’t miss your chance to visit this amazing place and experience some of the greatest whitewater rafting and kayaking in the world!

What’s It Like To Be A Paddler On The Taos Box?

June 3rd, 2014

Taos Box at 1100 cfs

Mother’s Day Weekend Special!

May 2nd, 2014

To help celebrate this upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, New Mexico River Adventures has decided to offer a very special discount to help get as many Mother’s out on the river as possible.  Any family of 4 or more that reserve either our Rio Grande Gorge full day trip or our Racecourse half day trip will be able to include their Mother’s for free!

The water levels have been great all spring and will certainly be ideal for Mother’s Day weekend.  It is the perfect time for both families and thrill seekers alike.  As well, we are starting to see the “warm-up” of summer with temperatures all this week in the 70’s.  Please don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy a day on the Rio Grande with the entire family.  Call one of our friendly reservation staff now to reserve your space for Mother’s Day weekend!

Introducing Our Whitewater and Wine Tasting Full Day Trip!

April 19th, 2014

We have been working hard this spring at putting together some fun and exciting new trips and itineraries for the 2014 season.  If you’re looking for a fun twist on the normal Taos Rafting or Santa Fe Rafting day trip, try out our new Whitewater and Wine Tasting Adventure.

This is the perfect combination of adventure and culture for the wine enthusiast in Northern New Mexico. Your day will start off with NM Wine Tours picking you up from your hotel, home or where ever. Traveling North to New Mexico River Adventure’s headquarters, where we drop you off to begin your half day river rafting adventure. Upon arrival at our Headquarters, you will meet your guides for the day who will outfit you with all the gear necessary for the day on the river. Then it’s off to the river to challenge the Rio Grande’s most popular section of whitewater, The Racecourse.

After your half day river adventure NM Wine Tours will pick you up at the rafting headquarters. We do give you a little time to change and freshen up. Then off we go for a wonderful experience of wine tasting at some of New Mexico’s wonderful wineries and experience New Mexico’s wine country! A delightful afternoon of wine tasting, relax in comfort for a fun-filled scenic tour of local wineries & attractions. We’ll visit several wineries, where you will have the opportunity to taste & purchase wines. Along the way, we just might stop at a scenic vista or out of the way attraction so our guests can enjoy the natural beauty of New Mexico. After our visits to the local wineries, you will be returned to your hotel in time for dinner reservations.  Call for more information on this fun and unique day trip!


April 18th, 2014

On March 25th 2013, by Presidential Proclamation, the the Upper Rio Grande river basin was designated as a National Monument! This has been a work in progress by those of us who live and work in this amazing place and are absolutely thrilled that the President and others throughout the nation agree that this area deserves national protection.

The Río Grande carves an 800 foot deep gorge through layers of volcanic basalt flows and ash. This section of the Rio Grande within the monument comprises a variety of river sections that adventurers can enjoy throughout the rafting season, including the Ute Mountain, Razorblades, La Junta, the Taos Box and Rio Grande Gorge sections of the Rio Grande within the new National Monument.

The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument includes the Río Grande Wild and Scenic River and Red River Wild and Scenic River, designated by Congress in 1968 to provide present and future visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty of rivers in a natural free-flowing state.

Wouldn’t be wonderful if we could only design our weather and water to fit our needs each and every year. Unfortunately we cannot and with these uncertain climates, we enjoy everything that Mother Nature produces. Whether its low water, high water, windy, raining, snowing or bright and sunny, the river is always a great place to be. In the early spring, we offer wetsuits, splash jackets and warm layers for our clients to use at no extra charge. During the monsoon season, don’t worry if you forgot your rain jacket for the afternoon storm because we have you covered! Some years we have high river flows, some years we have low river flows, regardless of the season, we are lucky enough to be permitted on such a large variety of sections of the Rio Grande and Rio Chama that there is always a great option for you to have a great time whitewater rafting with New Mexico River Adventures!

Lately, the press seems to enjoy highlighting the fact that recent years have brought New Mexico disastrous drought and along with the low water, a bad river season for whitewater rafting. Conversely, if this were a huge water season, you can guarantee that the press would be putting out countless articles about how dangerous the river is and how everyone should stay away from whitewater rafting. The truth is that when it comes to whitewater rafting in New Mexico, there is always something great available for everyone. Whether it be the hardcore adrenaline junkie looking for a high water Taos Box trip or an inflatable kayaking trip through the Racecourse, or the wilderness junkie or family looking for a multi-day adventure through the Rio Chama wilderness canyon or the Lower Rio Grande Gorge.

Very few people know just how great we have it here in New Mexico compared to our neighbor to north, Colorado. In Colorado, California and many other places, once the river levels drop to a certain point, they have to completely stop rafting and kayaking trips. They close! In New Mexico this is simply not the case!  We are extremely lucky to have 2 different rivers that we can count on year after year from March through October for spectacular river trips.

Rio Grande Razorblades!

April 4th, 2014

Last week, our guides headed up to run one of their annual training trips on the coveted Razorblades section of the Rio Grande.  This section is one of the favorites for New Mexico River Adventures as we have the distinction of the only company in New Mexico to offer trips here.  The section is found in the Wild Rivers Recreation Area and is absolutely beautiful.

Known for its remote setting and continuous and challenging whitewater, the Razorblades is not for the timid.  This trip is special for so many reasons but most of all, it provides a true “expedition” style trip condensed into one single day.  The guides work very hard on these trips carrying each raft, weighing about 100 lbs, in addition to all of the safety gear and lunch down a steep trail to the put-in.  From here, the guides inflate the rafts while the trip leader covers an extensive safety orientation with all of the guests.  Once the gear is ready and everyone is familiar with the basics of boat and paddling dynamics as well as river safety and hazards, its time to get wet!

Ask any of the guides what their favorite part of a trip to the Razorblades and most will tell you its the canyon.  This part of the Rio Grande Gorge is hardly ever visited.  As I mentioned before, New Mexico River Adventures is the only company offering trips here, additionally, there are very few private boating trips that make the trip to this incredibly scenic, challenging and remote section of the Rio Grande Gorge.  This makes for an extremely special day in the Rio Grande wilderness and one that you are sure not to forget for years to come.

We are hopeful that the river flows will allow us to enjoy the Razorblades through the middle of May during this 2014 season.  Unfortunately, the water level window for the Razorblades is just a bit smaller than that of the Taos Box.  Call one of our friendly reservation staff for more information or to reserve your space for this one-of-a-kind whitewater experience in Northern New Mexico and in the remote Rio Grande Gorge.

The 2014 Season is On!

March 17th, 2014

It’s that time of year again!  With the warmer weather and spectacular river levels, we have decided to start our 2014 season for Santa Fe rafting and Taos rafting earlier than normal.  Our guides have been out on the river daily for the last few weeks enjoying the great water levels and weather and have decided that they can’t keep it all to themselves.  With Spring Break around the corner, we have to share some of these great trips with all of our guests by opening our doors a few weeks early and getting out on the river!  Please give us a call for all of your Taos Rafting and Santa Fe Rafting needs.  Lets go boating!

Spring Break In The Taos Box!

March 17th, 2014

Well, the sun is shining, the Rio Grande is up and we are experiencing spectacular Taos rafting and Santa Fe rafting for the spring season here in Northern New Mexico.  The Rio Grande in the Taos Box is close to 700cfs and we have had some wonderfully warm and sunny days in between healthy, high water content storms blanketing the Upper Rio Grande Watershed.  This means potentially great Taos rafting opportunities during Spring Break as well as consistent flows and Santa Fe rafting into the summer months.

New Mexico River Adventures crew below the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

The crew at New Mexico River Adventures has been wasting no time and taking full advantage of these early season flows and weather.  Our guides have already close to 20 Racecourse trips braving the cooler temperatures in February and enjoying the increased flows and the best of Santa Fe rafting so far in March.  As for the other sections of the river including the Taos Box and the Razorblades, we have been training hard and enjoying some great runs in anticipation for our Spring Break start in the coming days.  Our Taos rafting trips are the best in the area and we are looking forward to another incredible season starting now!

Whitewater Action in the Taos Box!

Of course, if you’re in town for skiing and the weather is a bit warmer than you expected, think about an alternative.  Try a day of Santa Fe rafting on the Racecourse with us or try a full day trip on the Taos Box.  Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the great water levels and superb weather on the many sections of the river that you may explore with New Mexico River Adventures.  Our Season has officially opened so please give us a call for more information about whitewater action near Santa Fe and Taos!